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What We Offer

Thai Papaya Salad (Som-Tum)

We pride ourselves in offering the best Chinese and Thai  cuisine in the area. Excellent service and customer satisfaction are a top priority for us, while our fresh ingredients and skilled chefs ensure that all you need to do is relax and look forward to your meal.

Our specials change on a monthly basis. Check out our Menu page to find out which specials are available this month.


The top ordered-menu item 


AP13: Crab Rangoon

AP3: Pork Egg Roll

AP5: Pork Pot Sticker (Fried)

AP17: Thai Shrimp Rolls



E12: General Tso's Chicken

E10: Mongolian BF

E14: Sesame w/ Chicken

E19: Thai Style Basil 


Noodles and Fried Rice

NF1: Lo Mein

NF7: Fried Rice

NF3: Pad Thai


Thai Curry Cuisine

C1: Massaman Curry

C2: Panang Curry


Chef Special

Choo Chee Catfish




Choo Chee Catfish

New Items

Choo Chee Catfish  $13.95

(Fillet of wild catfish served wiht our unique Choo Chee curry sauce, bell pepper, and basil leave)


Basil Catfish  $13.95

(Deep fried and sauteed fillets of catfish with bell peppers, onion, and fresh basil leave in the basil sauce)


AP16.  Cheese Rolls (Vegetarian) $5.5

(Cream cheese, carrot, and celery wrapped in spring roll skin and served withour new sweet and sour sauce.



AP17. Thai Shrimp Rolls  $5.95

(Fried shrimp wrapped in spring roll skin and served withour new sweet and sour sauce.)


Fried Banana  $4.5


Thai Tea  $3

Cheese Rolls


AP1 Fresh Basil Roll(2)     $4.95

(Fresh avocado / Basil leaf / Carrot / Purple cabbage cucumber and served with our house made sauce.)


AP2 Vegetable Thai Spring Roll(2)  $2.95

(Crispy vegetable spring roll / housemade sweet & sour sauce)


AP3 Pork egg roll(2)  $2.95


AP4 Vegetable egg roll(2)  $2.95


AP5 Pork Pot Sticker(6)  $4.95

(Pork Dumpling served w/ dumpling sauce)

(Fried or Steamed)


AP6 Vegetable Pot Sticker  $4.95

(Vegetable Dumpling w/ dumpling sauce)

(Fried or Steamed)


AP7 Fried chicken wings(6)  $5.95

(Plain fried chicken wings served w/ housemade sweet & chili sauce)


AP8 Braised chicken wings(8)  $6.95

(Fried chicken wings / Brown sauce)


AP9 Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings(8)  $6.95

(Fried chicken wings / Lemon pepper powder)


AP10  Buffalo Chicken Wings(8)  $6.95  

(Fried chicken wings / Buffalo sauce)


AP11  Thai style fried chicken wings(8)  $6.95

 (Fried chicken wings sautéed with sweet&chili sauce)


AP12  Thai dumpling, aka Ka-Nom Jeeb(6)  $5.95

(Minced Pork, Chicken, and Shrimp wrapped in a wonton skin and steamed to perfection and served with house made sweet sauce. )


AP13  Crab Rangoon(6)  $5.75

(Crab meat and cream cheese wrapped in an egg roll skin and served w/ sweet&sour sauce for dipping)


AP14 Chicken satay  $6.95

(Grilled marinated chicken / Peanut sauce)


AP15 B.B.Q. Spare Rib  $7.95


AP16 Cheese Rolls  $5.50

(Cream cheese, carrot, and celery wrapped in spring roll skin and server with our new sweet and sour sauce.)


AP17 Thai Shrimp Rolls  $5.95

(Fried shrimp wrapped in spring roll skin and served with our new sweet and sour sauce)


Hot & Sour Soup


SA1 Mix Green Salad  $5.95

(Lettuce / Carrot / Red Cabbage / Cucumber / Tomato / Red reddit)

(A choice of Ginger dressing or Peanut Dressing)


SA2 Thai Papaya Salad (Som-Tum)  $5.95

(Green Papaya / Carrot / Peanuts)


SA3 Thai Larb Chicken $6.95


SA4 Thai Style Beef Saland  $7.95

(Beef / Cucumber / Onion / Celery / Tomato)


SA6 Yum Woon Sen  $7.95

(Glass noodle / Shrimp)


SO1 Egg Drop Soup  $2


SO2 Hot & Sour Soup $2

(Tofu / Carrot / Mushroom / Crispy Noodle Skin)


SO3 Wanton Soup $2

(Clear broth soup / Wanton / Crispy Noodle Skin)


SO4 Tofu Veggie Soup $3.25

(Steamed Tofu / Mix Vegetables / Wanton soup / Crispy Noodle Skin


SO5 Thai Coconut Soup (Tom Ka Kai)  $3.5

(Chicken / Mushroom)


SO6 Spicy Chicken Soup(Tom-Yum-Kai)  $3.5

(Chicken / Mushroom / Tomato / Tom-Yum soup)


SO7 Spicy Shrimp Soup (Tom-Yum-Kung)  $3.95 

(Shrimp / Mushroom / Tomato / Tom-Yum soup)


SO8 Sizzling Rice Soup  $5.25

(Shrimp / Chicken / Mix Vegetables / Wanton soup  / Rice Cake)

General Tso's Chicken "The top ordered-menu items"


Choice of meat: Chicken, Beef, or Tofu. Shrimp extra $2.00

Each order served with Jasmine White Rice


E1 Garlic Sauce  $10.95

(Mix Vegetables / Brown sauce / Hot sauce)


E2 Sweet & Sour Chicken  $10.95

(A choice of chicken or shrimp / Pineapple / Sweet & Sour Sauce )


E3 Moo Goo Gai Pan  $10.95

(Chicken / Mix Vegetable / White Sauce)


E4 Kung Pao  $10.95

(A choice of meat / Mix Vegetables / Brown sauce / Peanut on top /  Hot Sauce.)


E5 Cashew Nut  $10.95 

(A choice of meat / Mushroom / Chestnut / Celery / Green bell / Onion )


E6 Szechuan Dish  $10.95

(A choice of meat / Onion / Green Onion / Bell Pepper / Carrot)


E7 Hunan Dish  $10.95

(Your choice of meat /  Mix Vegetables / Brown sauce)


E8 Mandarin Dish  $10.95

(A choice of meat / Chestnut / Corn /  Mushroom / Carrot / Sesame sauce, Hot Sauce)


E9 Broccoli Dish  $10.95

(A choice of meat / Broccoli / Carrot / Brown sauce)


E10  Mongolian Dish  $10.95

(Beef or chicken / Onion / Green onion / Mongolian sauce)


E11  Pepper Steak Dish  $10.95

(Beef / White onion / Green Bell Pepper )


E12  General Tso's Dish  $10.95

(A choice of meats / Green Bell pepper / White onion / Carrot / Spicy General Tsp’s sauce)


E14  Sesame Dish  $10.95

(Chicken or Beef or Shrimp / Broccoli / Sesame)


E15  Orange Dish  $10.95

(Crispy Chicken / Dried Chili / Orange Skin)


E16  Tangerine  $10.95

(Beef / Dried Chili / Orange Skin)


E17  Teriyaki Dish  $10.95

(Carrot / Onion / Green onion / Green Bell Pepper / Sesame on top)


E18  Moo Shu  $10.95

(Chicken or vegetables / Cabbage / Napa / Onion / Green onion / Carrot / Egg / A choice of Moo shu skin or Rice / Moo Shu sauce)


E18P  Moo Shu Pork  $11.95

(Pork / Cabbage / Napa / Onion / Green onion / Carrot / Egg / Moo shu skin or Rice / Moo Shu sauce)


E19  Thai Style Basil  $10.95

(A choice of meat / Bell Pepper / Onion / Basil leave / Basil Sauce)


E20  Thai Style Ginger  $10.95

(A choice of meat / Celery / Onion / Bell / Mushroom / Ginger)


Singapore Fried Noodle

Noodles and Fried Rice:

(A choice of meats: Chicken, Beef, Pork, Tofu, or Mix Vegetables. Shrimp extra $2)


NF1  Lo Mein  $10.95

(A choice of meat / Green Onion / Onion / Carrot / Lo Mein)


NF1H  House Lo Mein  $12.95

(Shrimp / Chicken / Beef / Green Onion / Onion / Carrot / Lo Mein)


NF2 Singapore Fried Noodle  $10.95

(A choice of meat / Green Onion / Onion / Carrot / Rice Stick Noodle)  


NF3  Pad Thai  $10.95

(Fresh rice noodle, a choice of protein, egg, green onion and bean sprout and our unique house made  Pad Thai sauce. And ground peanut on the side.)



NF4  Pad See U  $10.95

(Flat rice noodle, egg, broccoli and choice of meat (even tofu or mix vegetable) stirred fried in our house made sweet soy sauce.)


NF5  Rad-Na  $12.95


NF6  Drunken Noodle  $10.95

(Choice of meats / Flat rice noodle / Onion / Bell pepper/ Basil leaves )


NF7  Fried Rice  $9.95

(Choice of meats / Peas & Carrots / Egg )


NF7H  House Fried Rice  $11.95

(Shrimp / Chicken / Beef / Peas & Carrots / Egg )


NF8  Basil Fried Rice  $10.95

(Choice of meats / Onion / Bell pepper/ Basil leaves / No egg )


NF8H  House Basil Fried Rice  $12.95

(Shrimp / Chicken / Beef / Onion / Bell pepper/ Basil leaves / No egg )


NF9  Pad Won Sen  $10.95

(Stir fried glass noodle / Cabbage / Tomato / Celery / Egg)

Yellow Curry

Thai Curry Cuisine:

(A choice of meat: Chicken, Beef, Tofu, or Mix vegetable. Shrimp extra $2)

(All curry dishes served w/ Jasmine White Rice)








C1  Massaman Curry  $10.95

(Your choice of meat / potatoes / Avocado / Cashew nuts )


C2  Panang Curry  $10.95

(Your choice of meat or Tofu or Vegetable / Bell pepper / Lime leave)


C3  Green Curry  $10.95

(Your choice of meat / eggplant / bell peppers)


C4  Yellow Curry  $10.95

(Your choice of meat / bell pepper / onion / tomato / pineapple / Jasmine Rice)

Basil Tofu

Low Cal Health:


V1  Steamed Assorted Vegetables  $9.95

(Steamed Mixed Vegetables / Brown sauce on the side)


V2  Steamed Shrimp w/ Vegetables  $11.95

(Steamed shrimp / Steamed Mixed Vegetables / Brown sauce on the side)


V3  Steamed Chicken w/ Vegetables  $10.95

(Steamed chicken / Steamed Mixed Vegetables / Brown sauce on the side)


V4  Steamed Tofu w/ Vegetables  $9.95

(Steamed tofu / Steamed Mixed Vegetables / Brown sauce on the side)





V5  Mixed Vegetables  $10

(Steamed Mixed Vegetables / Brown Sauce)


V6 Broccoli with Tofu  $10

(Broccoli / Carrot / Tofu)


V7  Thai Basil Eggplant  $10

(Eggplant / Basil leaves / Basil Sauce)


V8  Thai Basil Veggie Tofu  $10

(Tofu / Mix Vegetable / Basil leave / Basil Sauce)


V9  General Tso’s Tofu  $10.95

(Tofu / Bell Pepper / Onion / Carrot / Dried Chili / Spicy General Tso’s sauce)


V10 Panang Curry Veggie & Tofu  $10.95

(Mixed Vegetables / Tofu / Bell Pepper / Panang Curry topped w/ lime leave)


V11  Spicy Veggie Fried Rice

(Mix vegetable / Onion / Bell pepper / Basil leave / No egg)

Spicy fried rice in Basil sauce

Crispy Honey Chicken

House Special:


HS1  Phoenix & Dragon  $13.95

(Assorted Vegetables w/ Shrimp in savory white sauce and chicken chucked lightly battered in hot spicy sauce)


HS2  Happy Family  $12.95

(Chicken, Beef, and Shrimp assorted vegetables in special sauce)


HS3  Triple Mongolian  $12.95

(Special Mongolian dish with Shrimp, Chicken, Beef, Onion and scallions in sweet Mongolian sauce.)


HS4  Hunan Triple Delights  $12.95

(Chicken, Beef & Shrimp w/ assorted vegetables in hunan sauce)


HS5  Crispy Honey Chicken  $10.95

(Crispy Chicken / Bell Pepper / Onion)

Fresh Mango w/ Sweet Sticky Rice


D1  Thai Custard w/ sweet sticky rice(seasonal)  $5.95


D2  Fresh Mango w/ sweet sticky rice(seasonal)  $6.95


D3  Chinese Doughnut  $5.95


D4 Ice Cream  $3.25

(Green Tea, Red Bean, Mango, or Coconut)


Lunch Specials:

Served from 11.00am - 3.00pm

Each order served w/ Spring roll, Wing and

a choice of fried rice or jasmine rice

Choice of of meats: Chicken, Beef, Tofu. Shrimp extra $1





L1   Garlic Sauce Dish  $5.95

L2   Sweet & Sour Dish  $.5.95

L3   Moo Goo Gai Pan Dish  $5.95

L4   Kung Pao  Dish $5.95

L5   Cashew Nut Dish  $5.95

L6   Braised Chicken Wings(5)  $6.95

L7   Hunan Dish  $5.95

L8   Mandarin Dish  $5.95

L9   Mixed Vegetable  $5.95

L10 Broccoli Dish  $5.95

L11  Mongolian Dish  $5.95

L12  Pepper Steak Dish  $5.95

L13  Thai Style Veggie Dish  $5.95

L14  General Tso’s Dish  $5.95

L15  Sesame Dish  $5.95

L16  Teriyaki Dish  $5.95

L17 Thai Style Basil Dish  $6.95

L18  Thai Style Ginger Dish  $6.95

L19  Massaman Curry Dish  $7.95

L20  Panang Curry Dish  $7.95


Lunch: Noodles & Fried Rice


L21  Lo Mein  $5.95

L22  Pad Thai  $6.95

L24  Pad-See-U  $6.95

L24  Drunken Noodle  $6.95

L25 Fried Rice  $5.95

You will find our entire menu here for download soon.

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